The First Draft of ‘Iron Man 3’ Included a Pepper Potts Sex Tape

Iron Man 3 director Shane Black and co-writer Drew Pearce sat down with Empire Magazine to talk all about the Iron Man. You probably only want to listen to the interview if you’ve already seen the movie or don’t care about spoilers. In either case, one interesting part that came up was when they talked about the first draft of the script and what they cut out before finally filming it. Said Shane Black,

“Pepper, in one draft, slept with [Aldrich] Killian because he was so pheromonially enhanced with this extremis that she couldn’t resist him and she was angry with Tony and so she sleeps with Killian and then he makes a sex tape and broadcasts it in Home Depot.” The Playlist

Making a sex tape and broadcasting it in Home Depot is low even for a super villain. Not cool, dude. C’mon, at least give the lady some respect and broadcast it in an Olive Garden.

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