The New Robocop Looks Like This

You know what was great about movies from the late 80’s and early 90’s? The pure, unadulterated violence. Back then, studios didn’t give a s**t about editing movies to a PG-13 to reach a wider audience make more money. The harder the R the better. You had classics like PredatorCobraRobocopDie HardLethal WeaponBloodsport, and on and on.

Now it’s all about how much you have to water down a movie to meet the standards of the puritanical MPAA. An R is like the kiss of death nowadays. That is to say I don’t have high hopes for the Robocop reboot despite Sam Jackson, Gary Oldman and Hugh Laurie being in it. Here’s Joel Kinnaman doing reshoots in Vancouver over the weekend.

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