This Kid’s Dying Wish Was for Helen Mirren to Dress as the Queen

Kids can be so stupid and weird sometimes. Take this 10-year-old dying boy whose last wish was to have Helen Mirren dress up as the Queen and have tea with him. Well, no, that’s not fair. That wasn’t exactly his dying wish.

Oliver Burton, who’s battling cancer, originally wanted to visit Buckingham Palace to meet the real Queen but, haha, get real, kid, so Helen Mirren dressed up as her instead.

Mirren paid for Oliver to see her West End show where she plays the Queen and invited him backstage to meet her corgis and have her butler serve them tea. Apparently she was so convincing that Oliver thought it was the real deal the entire time.

Catherine and father James were so delighted that their son actually thought the actress was the real Queen.

His father James Browne said: ‘She stayed in character for the whole thing. Oliver thought she was the real Queen, and well, that’s good enough for us.

‘She was really lovely. She did the whole thing – had a butler there, was dressed in costume and did it all properly for him.

How did the tea date go? Glad you asked.

‘She sat in Oliver’s wheelchair and gave him her big chair. She had a glass of coke together andĀ biscuits and little sandwiches and they even brought in her corgis from the show, Coco and Roco.

‘She was wonderful and in some of the photos you do a double take because she really does look like the real Queen.

‘She knighted him and told everyone that they had to call him Sir Oliver. He had a brilliant day.

He took his British flag and got her to sign it and just waved and waved it all day.’ Daily Mail

That was really nice of Helen but I can’t help but wonder if deep down he knew she wasn’t the real Queen. Then I think, nah, 10-year-olds are idiots. You could dress up as a Ninja Turtle and they’d start asking you questions about Splinter.

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