Wanna See Jennifer Aniston Try to be a Stripper?

Here’s the red band trailer for We’re The Millers where Jennifer Aniston plays a stripper. Mind you, she’s 44 so either there’s a lot of movie magic involved or she works the 2 pm shift.

Anyway, the film also stars Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts and Ed Helms. Sudeikis plays a weed dealer who has to pick up a shipment of weed from Mexico for Ed Helms. Apparently the best way to sneak across the border with metric tons of weed is in a RV pretending everyone on board is one happy family. Aniston plays the wife and Emma Roberts plays the kid.

Surprisingly, Aniston’s stripper character seems fresher and less broken than all the other 40-year-old strippers out there. She must really love her job.

NSFW for language, testicles and of course TLC references.

  • Melanie Myers

    When Chelsea did a whole segment on perfume and why you shouldn’t use it. I knew something was up, because Jennifer hawks perfume. That’s just who Chelsea is. Jennifer should just get over it. But if you think Chelsea cares, she doesn’t. [email protected]

  • hotfive

    Rule #1: Always pretend Aniston is heterosexual and that her marriage is genuine.

  • ST

    Girl code is girl code. If you blab, especially about someone’s marriage, you are out. But the blabbing is usually payback for having already been eased out. Maybe too big a mouth re Angelina?

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