Watch Gabourey Sidibe Reveal Things We Don’t Want to Know

If you have some time to kill, why not watch Gabourey Sidibe snort her way through an interview with Wendy Williams, who’s very fond of using the word “romantical.” In the segment, Williams put Gabourey in the hot seat and asks her a few questions. A rundown of which is below.

On what the most embarrassing thing she’s done while drunk was
She was doing a Corona drinking challenge with her manager at a table with 10-12 people but then she had to throw up but couldn’t make it out so she threw up in her water glass. She claims no one noticed and it didn’t overflow. Wait, what happened to the water glass? She didn’t accidentally drink from it later, did she?

Out of all your former co-stars (Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller, Lenny Kravitz) who would she sleep with, marry and run over with your car?
Marry Lenny Kravitz, sleep with Eddie Murphy and run over Colin Farrell. What the hell? Where did Colin Farrell come from?

Would she give up her career for a man?

Who’d be her celebrity one-night stand?
Ryan Gosling.

Hey girl, you’re cute and all, but I have some hair to wash and some imagery to forget. *Proceeds to smash head into brick wall*

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