‘Adore’ Is All About Having Sex With Each Other’s Sons

Here’s the new trailer for Adore starring Naomi Watts and Robin Wright. If you haven’t heard of this “provocative and troubling, sensual and scandalous” film, it’s because it premiered at Sundance in January and you probably weren’t there because no one ever invites you to anything. Anyway, Vulture reviewed it and they say it’s 95% son-banging.

Literally 95% of the movie is comprised of the following: swimming, staring, and sex-having. (Often, some of those actions are combined or follow each other in rapid succession.) The dialogue is terse and feels more like it was pulled from foreign language subtitles than anything resembling actual conversation. A pivotal exchange between Lil and Roz, scripted by Oscar winning screenwriter Christopher Hampton, after the two women have just learned that they’re, you know, boning each other’s sons: “How are you feeling?” Long pause. “Good.” Long pause. “Yeah. Me too.” In the next scene, all four of them are hanging out together and having a blast. Well, glad that’s settled!

Then this happened after the screening.

After the film, a viewer asked Fontaine if anything surprised her about watching Two Mothers with an audience. “The laughs!” she said, still a little shocked by the response. “I thought it was [received as] a comedy, more or less. I don’t know what it means exactly.”

I can imagine Fontaine standing up in the middle of the movie scream-crying, “Stop laughing! Why are you laughing?!,” and then running to the bathroom in tears.

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