Amanda Bynes Is Faking It

Everyone’s favorite publicist Jonathon Jaxson, the same guy who called the cops on Amanda Bynes because he was “worried” about her, is saying Amanda Bynes isn’t actually crazy and that she’s faking it for the publicity. He posted up screens of supposed texts from Amanda admitting as much.

Wait, this is supposed to prove she’s faking it? The only thing this proves is she’s delusional. Just because she cackles like a megalomaniac in a text doesn’t mean she’s aware that what she’s doing is self-destructive. Also, anyone who’s deliberately faking crazy never uses the phrase, “Just wait and the world will see!” I’m pretty sure the only people who say stuff like that are crazy people.

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10 years ago

No, no, actually I buy this. She’s faking being crazy, and say she slips even further and further on her downward spiral. Then, badda-boom, badda-bing, she rises like a phoenix from the ashes that she was seemingly making of her life, and since everyone loves a success story, she starts getting roles again.
At least, that might be what she’s planning. Whether it happens or not … eh …