Chris Brown Seems Like a Levelheaded Guy

Chris Brown was recently charged with a hit-and-run for crashing into a Mercedes and then refusing to exchange information because obviously the only thing that woman wanted was his autograph to sell on eBay. TMZ has released more details on the incident and, if the victim’s account is to be believed, it doesn’t paint Chris Brown as the rational, down to earth guy we’ve all come to know and love.

The victim, Olga Gure-Kovalenko, said after Chris rear-ended her, they pulled over and both took pictures of their cars. Things went downhill when Olga dared ask Chris for his driver’s license, registration and info. Instead of Chris handing over his info, Karrueche Tran, who wasn’t driving, handed over her DL. Olga insisted on getting Chris’ because, you know, he was driving but Karrueche said she owned the car and Chris didn’t need to give her his DL.

Chris and Karrueche refused so Olga decided to take a picture of the two of them in case they ran off. That’s when Chris and Karrueche went off on her.

Says Olga, “The guy [Chris] tried to grab camera or me. I jumped back, the girl [Karrueche] screamed, ‘Don’t touch her, don’t touch her!'” She went on that Chris started to scream, “You are a bitch! Who do you think you are, bitch? Do you think if you driving Mercedes so got money, bitch?” Finally adding the coup de gras, “Do you think I am just a black n***er.” Chris then slammed the door and drove away.

This seems very out of character for Chris Brown. He’s usually a stand-up guy who owns up to everything he does and never throws an egotistical temper tantrum. Are you sure we’re talking about the same Chris Brown? The guy who loved Rihanna so much that he caressed her face raw? Can’t be.

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