Crazy Naked Guy Attacks People at BART Station

According to MissionMission, this crazy naked guy was spotted at the Mission Bart Station walking around harassing people. He accompanied that with a bunch of ninja flips off the turnstiles. A reader wrote in to MissionMission explaining,

Wasn’t that “amusing” as you are despicting it. Just saying. Just left 16 and Mission Bart station and as I was approching the ticket exit, a completely naked man with his penis hard was backing a woman coming from work I assume against a wall and he threw her down to the ground. Someone tried to stop him and he ended up throwing the guy to the ground and then got on the ticket exit/entrance thing and squatted over for everyone to see his anus and then and then and then….. the point is that no one could control the situation and then he started going after an older man and had him by the neck. He was obviously on PCP since he was so strong and out of it ( i think???)) wtf! Everyone ran out and no one could help. I heard “the police were on their way” but we all ended up getting out of there. I didn’t stick around. Thank god my kids weren’t with me. Sad world and fucked up people. F**k 16th/Mission Bart. At your own risk!

Video NSFW of course.

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