Farrah Abraham Is Going to Business School, Will Open Restaurants

Farrah Abraham has decided to get her bachelor’s of business administration at Pace University’s Lubin School. She plans to enroll in their online program and became a restaurateur. Sigh.

In an e-mail interview, Abraham, 22, said an online program makes it easier to juggle her work and parenting responsibilities, while avoiding any problems that might crop up “with students and teachers who could not handle themselves around me. I find it better to do online so I can focus without distractions.”

In other words, people just wouldn’t be able to control themselves around her on account of James Deen sticking it in her butt. Talking about her plans after getting her degree,

“I have career plans for my first restaurant to open by the beginning of next year, as I complete my bachelors. I would hope to have a couple of restaurants open by that point, and do other business projects.”

Of course, what that really means is she’s going to have a partner that handles basically everything for her while she’s just there as a figurehead hiding behind an online business degree. She does have an important bit of advice though.

“I’m the example for my daughter. Even though I’m already successful and have a career it is always good to have your eggs in more than one basket. The more one can do, the less they have to rely on others.” Business Week

Yes, you read that right. She just called herself an example for her daughter. The same daughter that’s one day going to ask her, “Mommy, did that really go in your butt?” Though to be fair, she didn’t clarify what kind of example she is.

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