Here’s Evelyn Lozada’s Gash

I just realized that title may mean something else to a few people. It’s not that, you perverts. The gash I’m talking about is the one that Evelyn Lozada suffered at the hands (head?) of Chad Johnson during a domestic dispute last August.

According to reports, during the argument, Chad headbutted Evelyn causing a 3-inch gash. The photos (more on TMZ) were taken by Davie Police in a Florida emergency room where Lozada was treated.

Johnson was arrested for domestic violence and Evelyn filed for divorce 3 days later.

This is the same charge Chad plead “no contest” to and was sentenced to 12 months probation and domestic violence classes for. It’s also the same charge where, during a sentencing hearing, Johnson pissed off the judge after patting his lawyer on the ass. He was ordered back to jail for that and has since been released.

On one hand, the judge in that hearing was being a bitch for an action that was done with no malice but on the other hand, Chad Johnson is a jackass.

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