Ian Ziering Is a Chippendales Dancer Now

49-year-old Ian Ziering, who you may remember as Steve Sanders from Beverly Hills, 90210, is now a guest performer for the Chippendales in Las Vegas.

“It’s a sexy, sensual show, and the girls do go wild. It’s not a salacious, scandalous, back-alley production. The theatre is $10 million. More people than not have seen me on television in swim shorts, so I don’t have any problem stripping down. We had shirtlessness on 90210, so I take all this with a grain of salt. With this new look, I have nothing to be ashamed of, and I can now stand quite tall with the other guys in the cast. They are great physical specimens.”

You know you’ve fallen on some hard times when you make a guest appearance in the Chippendales and have to justify your decision by telling everyone you perform in a $10 million theatre. Oh, I’m sorry, Ian. Would you like a top hat and monocle to go with that bow tie?

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