Kim Kardashian Gave Birth Over the Weekend

If you heard the wild cackling of Kris Jenner over the weekend, then you probably already know Kim Kardashian gave birth on Saturday to a baby girl.

Sources tell TMZ it was a natural child birth. Probably in that no makeup was used on the baby during filming for their E! Live Birth Special.

Interestingly enough, Kim delivered the baby at Cedars-Sinai 5 weeks earlier than expected. Also, contrary to earlier reports, Kanye West was in the delivery room and even canceled his album release party the night before because Kim was feeling “a little off.”

Meanwhile, E! learned that the kid looks exactly like Kim. Says the source, “She has dark hair.” OMG, really? I was expecting that kid to be blond. I’m blown away by this startling revelation. It’s almost as if both the parents have black hair.

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9 years ago

With everything and everyone that’s been in that pig, why the histrionics when something as small as a baby comes out? Too bad the baby had to get those herpes skid marks on the way out, but hey…if we could pick our parents better, we would.

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