Let’s Try to Guess Where Dean McDermott’s New Tattoo Is

After seven years of marriage, Dean McDermott decided to get another tattoo of Tori Spelling as a way to profess his undying love. McDermott already has a tattoo of Tori’s face just above his elbow. The new tattoo, however, is in an “unbelievably intimate spot.” Tweeted Tori, “OMG My [email protected] just surprised me w/hottest [email protected] tattoo in an unbelievably intimate spot. I’m blown away #Tori Tatted 4 life.”

Dean was spotted leaving a tattoo parlor in Canada with a new tattoo on his right arm but no word yet on where his other Tori Spelling tattoo is. That being said, it’s time to play a game called “Where and What is Dean’s Tattoo?”

I’ll go first. I think his new ink is on his penis and it’s another tattoo of Tori Spelling’s face. Like, they tattooed her face right on the head of his dick. That way whenever she blows him, it’ll be like she’s kissing herself.

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