Model at 10: Melissa Riso

You may have heard of Melissa Riso. She’s been on the site a few times and she’s managed to show up in paparazzi pictures. We asked the sort of new LA transplant a few questions to find out more about her. This is what I like to call “doing recon.”

Holy crap, you’re 5’1”? Am I reading that right?
Yes, I am only 5’1”, I’d like to thank my short parents for that.

I’ve known a few people your height. If I see your car, is your seat going to be pulled up all the way to the front?
My seat would be so close to the steering wheel! I’m super paranoid about crashing after my car accident in 2000.

Is that how you got that scar underneath your tattoo?
I got into a very serious car accident when I was a freshman in high school. The car I was in crashed into a huge semi truck going 95. So I had internal bleeding in my stomach and I broke my spine. The doctors had to cut me open to save my life because I was dying. I’m so thankful to be alive and the doctor said I should have died or been paralyzed. [ed. note: yikes]

You must have recently moved to LA from San Diego?
I moved to LA in 2011, I do miss San Diego but LA was meant to be my home and has everything I need for my career.

Do you ever go back?
I never go back to San Diego unless I have a gig there for work.

Everyone knows about LA, but what was your favorite place to party in San Diego?
I loved going to Side Bar. It was small and intimate and had good music.

What’s been your favorite project you’ve worked on so far?
I think my favorite project I’ve worked on, it when I did a short film called “Tick Tock” I played three different roles, a sexy secretary, a sick haggard secretary and a zombie. The zombie role I played was awesome because they did crazy makeup on me! I had white eye contacts on, white green ink painted on my teeth. My skin looked like it was ripping off! It was fun being ugly.

Do you have a specific type of guy you’re attracted to?
I am attracted to guys that have a sense of humor. If they are making me laugh all the time it makes the man even sexier.

Do you have a worst/most awkward date story?
I went on a date with a guy that was either super nervous or he had zero social skills. Try being at dinner and not having anything to ask me or talk about. Just sitting there in silence… I wanted to run!

What’s best for a date, cocktail or beer?
I think a cocktail would be my choice, a beer would make me feel full and sleepy.

On a related note, what’s the best drink to get when you just want to get drunk ASAP?
I would get a long Island Ice Tea! [ed. note: Pretty close to my drink of choice, a Long Island Red Bull. ]

Are there any magazines you’d love to work for where you’d just say “yes” no matter what they wanted you to do?
I would love to get the cover of Maxim, but I’m not one of those girls that would do anything for a company just to get my face on their cover. I’m not that desperate.

Do you have any future projects coming up?
I’m actually about to be a co-host in a new Beauty Swimwear Pageant coming up, and I am also filming for a webisode playing a role of a teacher.

You can keep in touch with Melissa through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or her website

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