Psy Gets Hidden Leg Massages While Performing

Psy tells the Telegraph that since his shows sometimes last more than 2 hours and involve lots of dancing, he hides behind a special DJ booth and pretends to spin while he takes his pants off so some guy underneath can massage his legs. And sometimes he’s just standing there in nothing but panties. He paints a very unnecessarily vivid picture.

“Yes, I have a man to massage my legs as the [shows] are so long. For example, like a soccer player, when they have some pain on their back. I am Psy the gentleman. I did 20 songs, for more than two hours, then I have pain in my legs but I can’t take a break because they are waiting… Behind the stage there are the trainers and my acupuncturist. So I stand up for it and my upper body looks like I’m a DJ but someone injecting needles into me and massaging my legs below,” Psy told BBC Radio 1.

“The worst thing is sometimes I’m not wearing anything on my legs, just panties. Do not imagine. I’m in hot water.”

I really want to believe something was lost in translation when he mentioned the panties part. He knows panties are usually the frilly underwear women wear, right? I mean, sure panties are way more comfortable than briefs what with their soft fabric and they look way prettier than any pair of boxers could and, man, do I look cute in the…. er, I mean, beer, football. Grr!

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8 years ago

Haha, it’s a translation problem.
The Korean word for underwear and the English word “panty” are interchangeable, with no regard to gender.

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