Thanks a Lot, George Lucas

A few days after Steven Spielberg and George Lucas’ prediction of a “massive implosion” in the film industry and after I heartily laughed at Lucas’ idea that we’d see ticket prices as high as $50 to $150, Hollywood has made it into a reality. Never underestimate the stupidity of Hollywood.

According to Deadline, Paramount said on Thursday that it will offer the world’s first “mega ticket” for an advance screening of World War Z. The Fandango ticket, a $75 value, gets you entrance to the June 19 3D showing of the movie, a download or stream of the film when it’s released on home media, custom 3D glasses, a limited-edition official movie poster and a small popcorn. The ticket will be accepted at 5 Regal theaters in Irvine, San Diego, Houston, Atlanta and Philadelphia.

First of all, no. Second of all, no. This is probably a joke. I’m pretty sure that studio execs are just waiting for the first person to buy one of these tickets just so they can stand around pointing and laughing at them. It’s the only way they can feel.

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