The GoDaddy Kisser Is Now a Creeper

Jesse Heiman, the world’s most famous extra and the world’s most beautiful kisser, tried to plant one on Nikki Reed as she left Bootsy Bellows last night in LA. Actually, that sentence makes it seem more innocent than it was. The dude almost mouth raped her face.

Heiman, possibly full of liquid courage, caught up with Reed while she was leaving the club and told her how much he enjoyed dancing with her all night. Reed played along and tried to be polite even when she went to say goodbye and Heiman tried to go in for a goodbye kiss. Politeness only goes so far, however. She obviously didn’t want that guy putting his mouth on her face and tried to get away.

Not good at reading signals, the GoDaddy dude kept going in for the kiss. She managed to break free when she told him, “You’re holding me… my husband’s right there.”

That’s about the point Heiman thought to himself, “Oh, no! Another male in the distance that may possibly vie for her attention? Quick! To the basement!”

Reed’s husband, Paul McDonald, didn’t even look like he gave sh*t. He probably just laughed all the way home.

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