This Is Amanda Bynes’ Rap Name

Amanda Bynes will soon make her foray into the rap world as she plans to kick off her music career with a deal with Waka Flocka Flame. Says Mr. Flame,

“She wanted to produce a single so that she could potentially have an album,” Waka tells E! News. “So she was like, she wanted to go to the club and she wanted to be inside the club. So I’m like, you know I’m the king of the club, not to be all arrogant, but that’s just what the fans voted me. So I might as well go ahead and take her to the club and…introduce her to the lifestyle.”

I must have missed that memo of him being voted king of the club. Nobody ever tells me anything.

“Yeah she’s a cool person, man,” Waka says. “She’s actually cool, like, I don’t know, I felt like I guess she’s misunderstood, or I guess she is probably just doing it just to make people, like, I don’t know…she’s cool man, it ain’t nothing like that, she’s ultimately cool.”

I’m glad Waka is as eloquent as Amanda Bynes. I for one can’t wait for the lyrical masterpiece that these two come up with.

Waka also tells E! News the song he picked for Amanda is called “Shots” (even though Bynes insists she doesn’t drink) and he even chose a rap name for the future hip-hop star: A.B.

So this will be the 135th song called “Shots.” Great. Just what everyone needs. More music about taking shots at the club. I didn’t realize I needed an instruction manual for getting drunk. You mean when I’m at the club, I’m supposed to take “shots, shots, shots, shots, shots?” I’ve been doing it wrong this entire time!

As for her rap name? A.B.? Holy mother of god. Give this man one million dollars. He’s a genius.

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nellie martinez
nellie martinez
7 years ago

I got a rap name for her Cray-z

7 years ago

I can feel my IQ dropping as I read this.

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