Zi Lin Got Her Modeling Contract Tore Up for Banging Naomi Campbell’s Ex

The Face model Zi Lin (Luo Zilin), former Miss Universe China, has had her modeling contract with MIX Model Management NYC shredded to teeny bits for “unprofessional conduct” and an “unacceptable work ethic.” This after Zi Lin was photographed bumping and grinding on and making out with Naomi Campbell’s ex, Vladimir Doronin, on a boat in Ibiza. Zi Lin is 25. Vladimir is 42.

A source says, “It’s fair to say that Luo and Vlad met through Naomi, it’s really unprofessional of Luo and it’s not great behavior on Vlad’s behalf.”

Vlad has had an on and off relationship with Campbell over the years. A source even said that they were talking about having babies and getting married before last Christmas. Also, he’s still married to his Russian wife Ekaterina. So, uh, there’s that. Though I’d be more worried about Naomi embedding a Blackberry in my head than anything else. I’m pretty sure Zi Lin’s going to be saying she “fell down some stairs” in a few days.

Meanwhile, Zi Lin tried to defend herself tweeting, “No, I’m not dating Vlad, No, I’m not his ‘side chick’, no, didn’t f**k, No, I’m not an escort, nor have I ever been.” Of course, that denial would have been a lot more convincing had there not been photographic evidence. It’s that damn truth screwing everything up again. Stupid pictures. Why do you have to prove things?!

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