Amanda Bynes’ Grill Will Be Like Miley Cyrus’

Ben Baller posted the above image to his Instagram the other day. It’s a mold of Amanda Bynes’ teeth. It’s not for his creepy collection of celebrity bite marks, rather, he’s making Amanda a custom grill.

Ben wrote, “It’s official. Came to NYC to make Amanda Bynes a $10,000 rose gold and pink diamond grill! Stay tuned. She’s a lot prettier in person.”

TMZ caught up with Ben in New York and asked him for more info. He says he almost ran out of molds because Amanda wouldn’t sit still and quit talking. Amanda also asked that her grill be like Miley Cyrus’ which is why it’s going to be rose gold and pink diamonds. A little weird because Amanda called Miley ugly at one point.


As for being a lot prettier in person, Ben said she was covered up and was sporting two black eyes from surgery. Not because he had to tell her twice. I guess his standards were really low to begin with.

Anyway, what’s surprising about this story is Amanda Bynes even has $10,000. She’s probably going to pay the guy in Monopoly money after screaming about how her grill is… “Pure Baltic Avenue!”

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