Amanda Bynes Placed on 5150 Hold

It was bound to happen sooner or later but everyone’s favorite nut job, Amanda Bynes, has been placed on a 5150 hold after starting a fire in a random person’s driveway. By the way, she’s back in California now.

TMZ says the fire department was called when someone saw Amanda at an old lady’s house in Thousand Oaks (where she grew up) standing over a small fire in the driveway. Cops also came and asked what the hell she was doing. She gave some nutty answers and they decided to put her on a 5150 hold.  As one tends to do in Thousand Oaks, she had been walking around with a “little red gas tank.”

Earlier Sunday night, cops were called when Amanda tried to get into a retirement home in Thousand Oaks. At first, they turned her away because they felt she was drunk. They even called a taxi for her. However, when she got into the taxi she said, “Get me the f**k out of her, I don’t have any money.” The cab driver kicked her out and she walked back to the olds. Cops were called, she was possibly ticketed.

In even more Amanda Bynes is crazy news, she robbed her weed dealer and now he won’t sell to her. An insider says she stole her dealer’s weed while he was using her bathroom. He didn’t realize it at first but when he did inventory, i.e., looked into his bag, he noticed she replaced his stash with empty weed jars.

Says a source, “And she could end up really getting screwed by these guys. They’re good dudes, but you don’t steal from drug dealers!”

To be fair, these are probably low level dealers. Going, “Dude. Duuuude. Duuuuuude. Not cool,” is probably the angriest they’ll ever get.

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