Comic-Con 2013 Thursday Recap

I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t step foot in the convention hall after preview night and I’m glad I didn’t. The only bad thing about that is you don’t get to see a lot of people dressed up. Sure, you still get a few but it’s not the same without the stench of bo dulling your senses. Although, the Ghostbusters were outside where I was.

And this headless dude.

This Wolverine armor was definitely not inside.

Nor was the Adult Swim fun house.

Not to mention if you were in the halls, you wouldn’t have seen the world’s saddest Smurfs.

Okay, I must be out of touch because I don’t know what these giant things were for.

But I did know Archer. Archer? Arrrrrrcher!

At night was MTV2’s Party in the Park featuring performances by New Politics and Dillon Francis with appearances by the cast of Teen Wolf. I’ve never heard of New Politics before but I just want to know, “When did Dave Franco start a band?”

MTV2 was also filming an episode of Guy Code Honors which they’ll be showing on Sunday at 8 so relive the magic then, I guess.

Highlights of the party include a guy who was really into the virtual simulator as everyone could tell when he started shouting, “Oh daaaayaaam. Dayaaaam. Hellll yeaaaah!,” for 5 minutes straight. Then there’s this terrible video I got of some twerking action.

It’s blurry but in my defense, I already had a few by that point and all those waving hands were messing up my autofocus. Wait, no. I take it back. It’s purposely artsy.

But the best part of Comic-Con this year? I wasn’t masochistic enough to stand in line for the panels. This was the picture someone posted at 3:45 am Friday morning for the World’s End, Kick-Ass 2, Riddick, Veronica MarsGame of Thrones and Walking Dead panels.

That’s not even anywhere near the entrance into the hell that is Hall H.

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