Emma Robertson Will Beat You in Your Hotel Room

Emma Roberts, currently in Montreal shooting season 3 of American Horror Story, was arrested on July 7 after getting into a fight with her co-star/boyfriend Evan Peters.

Citing law enforcement sources, TMZ says someone called the cops when they heard some ruckus coming from Evan and Emma’s hotel room. Apparently it was from Emma beating Evan like he was Rihanna in the passenger seat.

Cops came and discovered Evan had a bloody nose and a bite mark. Emma was immediately arrested and taken into custody. She was released hours later because Evan didn’t want to press charges. Probably because she only gets like this when she drinks. She’s a good person. It was his fault, really.

Sources say they were both hitting each other and Emma was arrested because Evan was the only one with obvious physical injuries.

I think it’d be funny if, when the cops came, Evan started shouting, “How can she slap?! How can she slap?!”

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