Everyone Get Excited, Kevin Jonas Is Having a Baby

Last we left Kevin Jonas, he didn’t even like sex and his wife and him slept in separate beds. Well, you may want to hold on to your hats for this. Danielle and Kevin Jonas may have combined their two twins into a full and done the dirty. And luckily for Kevin, it probably took only one try because they’re preggers.

Talking to E!’s Giuliana Rancic over Skype, Kevin said, “I was overjoyed. It’s been the most exciting thing in my life so far. I’m excited and I’m nervous.”

Asked whether his wife plans on a natural birth or C-section, Kevin said, “What?!! You mean a stork doesn’t deliver it? Icky, icky, icky!” Well, at least that’s what he would have said if she had bothered to ask.

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