Here’s What Nicolas Cage Would Look Like in Disney Movies

If you haven’t checked this out, Jen Lewis of BuzzFeed made this fantastic post in which she pasted Nicolas Cage’s head on all the Disney Princesses. It was creepy in every way imaginable. Made more so by the fact that a lot of these were Gifs of the re-imagined character blinking or doing other creepy eye stuff. For example, we have Nic Cage as Snow White shutting his eyes.

As Jasmine:

As Aurora:

And as Belle:

These are so well done that it actually freaks me out. Though I’m still waiting for the day a Disney princess has a beekeeper hat over their head full of angry bees causing them to scream, “Ahh, no, not the bees. Not the bees. They’re in my eyes.” C’mon, Disney!

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