Jersey Joe’s Pizzeria Becomes Jerkin’ Joe’s Pizzeria

On Wednesday, members of 4Chan posted a few links to unsecured webcams and started monitoring them. One of them was from Jersey Joe’s Pizzeria, a pizza restaurant in San Diego near San Diego State. At one point, someone noticed Jersey Joe’s turned into Jerkin’ Joe’s.

Naturally, screencaps were made and news of Joe masturbating in his pizza shop spread across the web. A few images of the owner playing with himself even made it to his Yelp page. An achievement all restaurants strive for. Reviews have already started coming in about his personal touch on all the pizzas.

Stopped in the other week, had a fantastic meal. Ordered a large pie with sun-dried tomatoes, basil, pepperoni, avocado and bacon. The pizza was deliciously creamy, in fact, you could jokingly even call it a creampie! Was greeted by Joe himself. Joe seems very friendly, a truly polite and courteous entrepreneur. After tasting his delicious food, he stopped by my table to check on me. I have the man a handshake; let me tell you, this guy has a firm one! I wonder if he exercises his hands.

That was a little off topic. Anyway, back to the meal. Next, I ordered a side of white clam sauce. I was not impressed. It wasn’t necessarily bad tasting, but let’s just say the white clam sauce did NOT taste like it came from a clam. But, I digress. The bill wasn’t too expensive, and I was very please with my experience at Jersey Joe’s. I will definitely come again.

You can tell Joe loves coming in. Hopefully he comes the next time I come, so I can give the man another firm handshake.

EDIT: One last thing — this place is very nice and looks very high class, you can tell Joe really splooged when he was buying furniture and decor.

If you’re wondering why the time stamp on the camera says 2007, it’s because a lot of people don’t bother to fix the date on their webcams. This is going to be fantastic publicity for the pizza place. Though it’s probably not going to make people want to eat there.

Update: This escalated quickly. Apparently someone went to the restaurant, confronted him and got chased out.

  • NeogafLUrker

    All this trouble because of a couple of jerks. I don’t know how he’s going to pull himself out of this one. He has health problems… one more stroke, and he’s gonna blow. Every day he comes, (sometimes if he’s feeling tense he’ll come multiple times a day), waiting for the chance to serve the public the fruits of his labor. Personally, I can’t wait until he gets his hands on all these dicks pushing against him and beats them senseless.

    (courtesy of NEOGAF -vas_a_morir)

  • Jimmy Rustling

    I bet it’s hard for him, trying to make a living baking pizza’s, beating off that hot sauce on his sausages. I once got there and I asked for a pepperoni-pizza, he grinned at me and told me if I wanted the hot sauce. Man, I love hot sauces, so I agreed and he made his way to the kitchen. He came back after 5 minutes (!!!). I’ve never seen a pizza being made that quick. You could even taste the Asian in it.

  • Tom

    Your company should get sued for invasion of privacy, just for starters. You better not see me on your jury, because I will vote big time for the Joe. You owe him an apology at the very least for invading his private domain, he is not a “celebrity” but a working stiff. (no pun intended). I mean this isn’t anything impressive, you monitor unsecured web cams to find ways to embarrass somebody – pretty evil fucktards.

  • Joe

    There is a Jersey Joes uniform up on eBay. HAHAHA!

  • I wonder what type of folks will be his new clientèle…the ones attracted to his firm with the knowledge about back-room antics?

  • Richard Evans

    Why hasn’t this 4Chan guy been arrested yet? He’s just breaking into everyone’s computers and defacing websites you would the FBI or NSA would do something about him. I bet he must be one of those chinese paid hackers but boy does he have a foul mouth on him. He must have no life to pull these things off by himself. I imagine he’s a fat oaf with about 10 laptops lined up in front of him just clicking away!


    • Unsecured web cam. There’s nothing to break in to.

      • Not IT literate

        Can you explain the date/time stamp on the picture for me?

        • Half the time when people set up a web cam, they don’t bother to set the date.

  • guest

    jerkin joes

  • Judy Perna

    His sausage is small.

    Why not go into the bathroom and jerk off in private?

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