Jersey Joe’s Pizzeria Becomes Jerkin’ Joe’s Pizzeria

On Wednesday, members of 4Chan posted a few links to unsecured webcams and started monitoring them. One of them was from Jersey Joe’s Pizzeria, a pizza restaurant in San Diego near San Diego State. At one point, someone noticed Jersey Joe’s turned into Jerkin’ Joe’s.

Naturally, screencaps were made and news of Joe masturbating in his pizza shop spread across the web. A few images of the owner playing with himself even made it to his Yelp page. An achievement all restaurants strive for. Reviews have already started coming in about his personal touch on all the pizzas.

Stopped in the other week, had a fantastic meal. Ordered a large pie with sun-dried tomatoes, basil, pepperoni, avocado and bacon. The pizza was deliciously creamy, in fact, you could jokingly even call it a creampie! Was greeted by Joe himself. Joe seems very friendly, a truly polite and courteous entrepreneur. After tasting his delicious food, he stopped by my table to check on me. I have the man a handshake; let me tell you, this guy has a firm one! I wonder if he exercises his hands.

That was a little off topic. Anyway, back to the meal. Next, I ordered a side of white clam sauce. I was not impressed. It wasn’t necessarily bad tasting, but let’s just say the white clam sauce did NOT taste like it came from a clam. But, I digress. The bill wasn’t too expensive, and I was very please with my experience at Jersey Joe’s. I will definitely come again.

You can tell Joe loves coming in. Hopefully he comes the next time I come, so I can give the man another firm handshake.

EDIT: One last thing — this place is very nice and looks very high class, you can tell Joe really splooged when he was buying furniture and decor.

If you’re wondering why the time stamp on the camera says 2007, it’s because a lot of people don’t bother to fix the date on their webcams. This is going to be fantastic publicity for the pizza place. Though it’s probably not going to make people want to eat there.

Update: This escalated quickly. Apparently someone went to the restaurant, confronted him and got chased out.

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