Johnny Depp Based Tonto off His Great Grandma

Johnny Depp tells WENN that his Tonto look in The Lone Ranger was inspired by his great grandma who had some Indian blood in her.

“I saw my great grandmother (as the model for Tonto). She did apparently have quite a bit of Indian blood. She wore the braids and had the tobacco down her bosom. That was the idea, to sculpt me into my great grandmother. The make-up technician just killed it.”

Let me get this straight. Depp was sitting in the makeup chair and he either showed a picture of or described his great grandma to them. The makeup artist then painted his face like The Crow, put on a headdress and then put an actual crow on his head. And you’re telling me Depp looked in the mirror and went, “Nailed it!” His great grandma’s spirit must be following him around right now and screaming, “What the actual f*ck? Are you high?!”

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8 years ago

Grandma loved “squaw”… “squaw” good…taste like fish…

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