Josh Hutcherson Has Leaked Nudes

Josh Hutcherson, the mouth-breather from Hunger Games, has his own leaked nude scandal. Well, not really leaked because he was sending pictures like these to girls sometime in 2010-2011. Check out the picture here. I don’t think I have to remind you this is NSFW.

According to Life of the Rich and Famous, Hutcherson was using a dating site under the pseudonym “Connor.” This Connor guy was blasting out photos of his schlong to girls as well as videos of him masturbating. The proof they say is in the pudding stupid tattoos.

As scientists have proven time and time again, nothing gets a girl hotter than some dude sending them dick pics and videos of themselves jerking off. It’s a scientific fact. Try it. Just go up to a girl right now and show them your wiener. I’m telling you. They’ll want to do you right then and there.

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