Justin Bieber Allegedly Spat in a Guy’s Face

Justin Bieber is seriously gunning for Chris Brown’s Biggest Asshole Ever award. An Ohio man/DJ alleges Justin Bieber shouted at him inside a bar and spat in his face this weekend because Bieber thought he was secretly taking pictures of him.

Calling in to the Dave and Jimmy show on WNCI, the DJ said he was spinning at Social Room in Columbus when two of Bieber’s bodyguards came up to him and accused him of taking pictures. They were “concerned” because Bieber is 19 and the club was 21+ that night. They grabbed his phone and went through it looking for pictures but didn’t find any.

Then his bodyguards told Bieber they thought he was trying to take pics. So, Bieber being the mature adult he is, waddled over to the DJ with his retardedly baggy pants and insulted his mother, father and him and “spit in my face.”

This is the second time Bieber has been accused of spitting in someone’s face. The first was when a neighbor of his in Calabasas told him to stop driving like an asshole and slow down before he killed someone.

What a tough guy. I bet he goes out and hunts baby pandas too and feels like such a badass when he shoots one from 50 yards away while it mindlessly chews on some bamboo.

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10 years ago

I hope that DJ files on Bieber for assault.. then recovers a nice settlement in civil court… who knows what disease and filth is in Biebs spit… I’d guess at least syphilis, herpes, and various traces of chim p semen.. this kid is a menace to society.. time to knock him doen before he hurts or kills someone..