Kanye West Could Be Charged With Assault

Kanye West tried to wrestle a photog’s camera from them last Friday at LAX for breaking Emperor Kanye’s commandment that no paparazzi speak to him ever again. The paparazzo, who calls himself Dano, claims Kanye’s attack was so vicious, paramedics had to rush to the scene.

From his point of view, you can clearly see some sort of struggle happened. Then again, from a third-person point of view, you can see the “attack” was about as vicious as being swarmed by 20 kittens.

Naturally, the guy, who did suffer some type of injury, wants to press charges. Kanye has already been named as a felony suspect and may be charged with attempted robbery.

It’s no coincidence this was the same pap that Britney Spears attacked with an umbrella during her famous breakdown. Reports say he made $30k on eBay off the umbrella and a small fortune from the video he took.

Dano is clearly looking for another big pay day. Either from agencies or from Kanye or both. At most, I bet his injuries are all just internal. Likely from all that sand in his vagina.

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