Kanye West Doesn’t Want You to Speak in His Presence

TMZ caught up with Kanye West at the airport and he must have still had some sand in his vagina from that time paparazzi caught him banging his head on a traffic sign because the photog started saying how much he loved his work which pissed Yeezus off to no end.

Kanye went off the guy telling him not to speak to him or anybody he knows or even talk to themselves in his presence. Guess how that turned out? Remember that whiny kid in school that told you to stop poking him? Yea, that’s just a green light for more poking.

The cameraman kept professing his love to Kanye and started asking about the Throne II with Jay-Z. That didn’t sit well with Kanye and he went after the camera.

It was a minor scuffle showing Kanye’s douchebaggery but then TMZ decided to blow it out of proportion citing freedom and liberty and the constitution.

My god, both of you are the whiny kids everybody loved to pick on.

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10 years ago

He can’t understand plain English, so don’t speak.