Kanye West’s $120 White T-Shirt Sold Out

You may have heard about Kanye West’s deal with clothing retailer APC where they’re teaming up to sell a a special Kanye collection which includes a hooded sweatshirts for $250, jeans for $265 and a plain white t-shirt they call a “Hip Hop T-Shirt” for $120. $120… for a white t-shirt you could get in a 3-pack at Wal-Mart.

Justifying the price, it’s described with phrases like Egyptian cotton, ribbing at neckline, reinforced neckline and shoulders and “APC KANYE” silkscreened inside the neckline.

The first batch already sold out and now a few sizes are in stock while the more popular ones are available for pre-order. Which brings up just one question. Who’s idiotic enough to buy the Kanye West t-shirt? Doing a cursory search, no one or no one who’ll readily admit it. And why would anyone admit they bought a white t-shirt for $120. They might as well put a flashing neon sign over their head that reads “Retard.”

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10 years ago

Well, Kanye West IS retarded. Seems likely his fans are too.