Kim Kardashian and Mom Want to Quit Reality TV

According to Page Six, Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner are looking to end Keeping Up with the Kardashians on a “high note.” Hahahaha.

“It has been the biggest reality franchise of highest. Both Kim and Kris want to make sure they end on a high note, leaving fans wanting more, rather than try and stretch the show on for another few seasons and watch it die a death,” a source told Naughty But Nice Rob. “Plus, they are now moving on in their lives… exploring new options and opportunities.”

What do they want to do instead? Kim wants to be with her daughter and Kanye. Kris wants to win an Oscar. Hahahaha.

“Kim wants to be with her daughter and Kanye, while Kris wants to focus on being a talk-show host and maybe start producing movies. She’s telling everyone that one day she will have an Oscar.”

To be fair, she’s telling everyone she’ll have an Oscar not win an Oscar. She’ll probably just steal it from someone during a party or something. The only way she’d legitimately get an Oscar is if Oscar was an illegal immigrant she hired to mow her lawn.

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