Lamar Odom Busted Up a Photog’s Camera, Hits His Car With Piece of Metal

Wednesday afternoon in LA, Lamar Odom flipped out after a photog went up to him and started asking whether or not he cheated on Khloe Kardashian with a stripper. He went all Britney Spears on them.

According to reports, Odom was talking with a photog before things became heated. He told him to “put your cameras down and let me talk to you man to man.” The photog ignored him and kept snapping pictures until Odom walked over to one photog’s car, took out a piece of metal from inside and hit his car with it while the photog pleaded for him not to do it again.

Odom then walked over to the another photog’s car, opened the door and threw out a suitcase style camera bag into the street spilling out all the equipment. Yea, that lens looks expensive. Not only that, he picked up the guys bag and put everything in the trunk of his car.

While that was going on, the most surreal thing happened. A fan stopped her car in the middle of the street and ran up to him so she could snap a selfie. It looked like she wanted him to take off his hat so she could get a better picture too.

All this while a bus of tourists looked on.

First of all, you got to have a lot of balls to go up to someone while they’re in the middle of a temper tantrum. Second of all, it must been really weird when they go straight into friendly celebrity mode. I think him switching modes so easily would worry me more than anything else.

Lamar eventually gave the paparazzi’s stuff back by throwing everything out onto the street outside of Hollywood.

Being a celebrity must be so weird. They’re like an animal exhibit at the zoo where everybody gawks and whispers and talks about them like they’re not there. And then one day when some guy decides to poke them, they lose it and rip off their arm or hit their car with a piece of metal.

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9 years ago

This dumb [email protected] is gonna get sued and charged with assault and destruction of private property. All over Lamar.