Mariah Carey Has Nerve Damage in Arm

Nick Cannon talked to Toofab and revealed that Mariah Carey might have nerve damage in her arm after dislocating her shoulder while filming her new music video.

She’s doing a lot better, but she still doesn’t have movement in her right arm, there’s nerve damage. Her shoulder is definitely a lot better, back in place, but she also had some cracked ribs. She can’t move. The fact that she doesn’t have use of her right arm right now has been pretty tough on her, but the doctor said with a lot more rest and relaxation she’ll be fine.

I like how Nick puffs up her injury and then explains that as long as she rests, she’ll be fine. It went from “OMG, nerve damage! This sounds serious!,” too, “Eh, it’s just a few nerves, dude.” This guy blows more things out of proportion than a porn camera.

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