Michael Jordan’s Son Marcus Tweeted a Dick Pic

Marcus Jordan, son of the famous Michael Jordan, accidentally tweeted a picture of his penis Saturday night. Well, presumably it was his dick. This would be an entirely different story if the dude had pictures of other guy’s dongs saved on his phone/computer ready to send out. (NSFW screen grab here)

Naturally, he quickly deleted it. He then sent out a “my bad” tweet. “#mistake my bad,” tweeted Marcus.

He later thought, “maybe I should have played it differently,” so he used the standby excuse other celebs have used before him. The “I was hacked” excuse.

  • My homies hitting me up talking about some pic that was posted from my account.. I mean really? Y’all think I don’t know how to work this?
  • Whoever it was posted it and deleted it.. THEN posted that “mistake” tweet on my page.. Lol Good one.. But #CmonSon that ain’t me.
  • This would be my what, 3rd “accidental” tweet.. #FOH

As of now, Marcus’ Twitter account has been deactivated. Probably from hackers posting pictures of his dick over and over again with “hey @somerandommodel wanna bang?” Those scumbag hackers. Always trying to get a guy laid.

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Chocolater Reign
Chocolater Reign
10 years ago

Where is the pic? I wanna see it …lol

10 years ago

He should be more embarrassed by the pants he has on in that header pic.
Jesus wept.