Miley Cyrus Calls Justin Bieber Stupid

Miley Cyrus told Justin Bieber to quit showbiz when he had a meltdown earlier this year but he disappointed everybody when he decided to keep going.

“I told Justin to take a bit of time out and people aren’t so obsessed with you and nit-pick.

“When you’re not around, all they want is your music. They want to see what the next thing is. But when your music is out they just want to talk s*** about you.

“When you’re a worldwide star, everyone sees everything. Lots of people make a video and put it on Instagram, some people might think it’s funny but because it’s Justin Bieber, it’s like really bad.

“I always tell him just to be cool and not talk about it because when you talk it fuels the fire. He’s still stupid though. But everyone does dumb stuff when they are messed up.”

When you’re peers start implying you’re a douchebag, maybe it’s time to admit to yourself that you’re the problem and not all the “haters.” I’m looking at you, Justin Bieber.

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