Alexander Skarsgard Went Full on Bro at a Swedish Soccer Match

Mighty Alexander Skarsgard of the flaming penis was captured on video cheering for his team, Hammarby Fotboll. Though it wasn’t cheering in the strictest sense. It was more him belligerently yelling at these pussy fans to look at him and chant how Hammarby is the greatest. Video translation via Uproxx.

alex: all of you can go to hell, [some name on S I think] look at me you f*cking p*ssy
random person: look at his magical f*cking hairdo
alex: who’s the best team? (and then a couple of more similar questions that I can’t make out)
crowd: hammarby (the name of the team)
alex and crowd: we’re the hottest we’re the best we’re the ones who win the most…hammarby…clapping.

Was something lost in translation or did “random person” actually tell people to look at his magical fucking hairdo. My god, you Swedes are weird. You guys can’t seem to cheer for a team without shouting something completely related. I’m surprised another guy in the crowd didn’t shout “meatballs!” in the middle of the chant.

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