Bam Margera Had to Cut His Fancy Rings Off His Fat Fingers

Bam Margera got into a fist fight with a cab driver in Estonia and his fingers ended up puffing up almost as bad as his face has been for the past 5 years.

As he explains, “I got into a fist fight with a taxi driver in (Estonia) and now, by punching them, it’s smushed the ring into my finger, cutting all of it, almost to the bone. And this (other) one is so f**king puffy and swollen because it’s smushed together… so it won’t budge. So now we’re at a blacksmith to cut these f**kers off and I hope he doesn’t cut my fingers off.”

The blacksmith ended up cutting the rings off but he didn’t show any of that in the videos he posted because why would he. It’s not like that was the most interesting part or anything.

This is like me videotaping myself fighting a tiger and leaving out the part where I kill it and wear its head as a trophy.

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8 years ago

Here’s an idea: don’t pick fights with cab drivers with your douchey rings on.
Better yet: aspire to NOT be an asshat.

8 years ago

There must be an error. This cannot be Bam Margera. It says on the Internets that the real Bam Margera is 33. This guy looks like he is 50.

bam hater
bam hater
8 years ago

Bam is a total queer,, remember the dick run? I cant stand this phoney f**k, He is a fuckin crybaby squak ass

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