Cheryl Cole Has a Full Butt Tattoo

Arm sleeves are so yesterday. The new cool thing to get is a full lower back/butt tattoo. That’s what singer Cheryl Cole had done and now her fans are all, “Nooo!,” because they have a personal investment in what Cheryl Cole’s ass should look like.

Cole, who was once considered for a judging position on the American¬†X Factor before being bumped, finished the tattoo only recently. She’s had it for seven or eight months but only just now got around to detailing it.

The tattoo is of an English rose, her favorite flower. It took 15 hours in total and will likely be her last tattoo. The new art covers previous tattoos of a reptile and barbed wire aka her secret shame.

Cheryl responded to criticism, “People are entitled to their own opinion. Personally I’ve never really concerned myself with other people’s body parts!”

Well, until said body part is in her and then it’s all, “what do you mean you’re not wearing a condom?” Whoa, whoa. I thought you just said…

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10 years ago

Rose cheeks