Dominic Monaghan Seems Nice

An anonymous girl has come forward to tell Radar how Dominic Monaghan (LostLord of the Rings) is a big fat jerk head who called her a dumb dumb diseased whore.

The two met a year ago while she was working retail in LA. However, the relationship turned sour when she “turned him down for sex.”

That’s when he started calling her a “ghetto tramp” and a “dumb dumb” who was “riddled with herpes” over texts. He even bragged about his money (3 billion dollars made in movies) and fame (show he’s on plays in 120 countries) which I didn’t think anyone did anymore.

“I met Dominic more than a year ago when he came into the establishment I was working in at the time. He was sort of eyeballing me, so I said hi and we exchanged phone numbers,” the woman told Radar in an exclusive interview.

“Soon we talked about going out on a date, but he got mad when I wouldn’t find my way to him. I told him the gentlemanly thing to do would be to pick me up for a date. He told me he wasn’t a ‘taxi service’ and that I’d have to earn that with him.”

The woman said that Monaghan boasted he’s a famous actor, so he doesn’t date, he just sleeps around.

“Right off the bat he just wanted sex. I wasn’t really down for that, and I told him that I wouldn’t just sleep with him because I’m not that kind of girl,” she recalled.

“He never gave it a chance, like didn’t even want to get to know me. It’s sad. He told me he didn’t care because I was hot.”

In another sex text, Monaghan declared: “I couldn’t invite you to one of my three houses I’d be nervous you would steal sh*t.”

He gloated in another, “I have 20+ million in the bank. How you living?”

I’m going to have to take this with a grain of salt because the story borders on absurd at the end. There’s no way someone does all that in real life. It’s like every Hollywood stereotype conveniently rolled into one story. The guy would be a walking caricature of Hollywood if this was true.

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Beth Williams
Beth Williams
10 years ago

o.k. I applaud Dominic for taking ownership of the txts, but please! He is too talented to be such a a hole. As a side note, there is a cure for herpes. People used to call me herpes ridden, but then a friend told me about Viradux-AU and the virus cleared from my body after use. I know he was probably making the comment in jest, but someone who actually is herpes ridden may find this useful. Thx.