Halle Berry on the Time She Was Knocked Out on Set

Back in July of 2012, reports said that Halle Berry was hospitalized for a minor head injury that resulted from filming a fight scene where her head slammed into concrete. She was apparently showing signs of a concussion having began throwing up.

Now she explains what actually happened. Halle was filming a fight scene with Michael Eklund for The Call when s**t got real.

Halle describes, “The bad guy in the movie accidentally slammed my head into the concrete. He misjudged how far the ground was and he slammed my head into it so I got knocked out.”

However, she says, “I went to the hospital, came back to work the next day, so it was fine.”

I think it would have been really funny if, when Halle was knocked out, the crew came up and started drawing dicks on her face. “That’s what you get for falling asleep with your shoes on, bro!”

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