Here’s a ‘Perfectly Put Together’ Gwyenth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow released two minute-long ads for Hugo Boss’ BOSS JOUR Pour Femme fragrance. It’s a for her fragrance meant to be worn in the daytime.

In the first ad, Gwyneth is high atop of Hollywood in a mansion talking about enjoying everything in moderation. I mean, she only eats $10 salads for lunch and dabs only a little bit of this $55 fragrance on her wrists.  She also talks about how she gets sleepy in the afternoon. Old people, amirite?

In the second ad, the same dramatic intro plays and shows Gwyneth sitting cross-legged on a couch talking about her love of perfume and how it makes her feel feminine. She explains how putting it on is a great way to start the day and makes her feel like anything could happen. Like a car accident, for example, or explosive diarrhea.

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