Kanye West Had a Great Performance at the VMAs

At least that’s what I’m reading. I tried to watch the video but since my laptop still has a floppy drive, it was like watching a Power Point presentation.

The important thing to note is this was the first time Kanye West performed at Barclays, the arena his bff Jay Z built. He popped his cherry with a performance of “Blood on the Leaves” in front of a projection of a tree.

Why that tree? Because it was supposedly a tree used for lynching. Those who were murdered were buried around the tree. So he was metaphorically dancing on their graves. Wait, no. That’s not he was metaphorically doing, was it? That sounds kind of mean.

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10 years ago

No, he didn’t. Unless you call using auto tune to talk. Oh excuse me, I meant rap. No, wait a minute, I did mean talk.