Kris Jenner’s Show Got Cancelled

In a surprise to absolutely no one, Kris Jenner’s talk show on FOX has been asked to not come back. The studio lights are off and the locks have been changed. Have a nice day, Kris Jenner.

While she did get a ratings bump for having Kanye West on the show where he revealed the first picture of his daughter, it wouldn’t carry through to other episodes. “There is no chance the talk show is going to get a green light from FOX. The ratings were averaging an abysmal 0.8 and advertisers were less than enthusiastic about it.”

The show seemed to mainly be another outlet to promote the Kardashians which no one in the world wants to hear any more about. “It’s a very crowded market and Kris didn’t do anything to set herself apart from the field. Believe it or not, most of America doesn’t want to hear about the Kardashian’s for an hour everyday.”

If anyone was expecting different, you’re an idiot. The only way this show would have survived is if one of her kids stuck their asses in the air and crab walked back and forth across the set during every interview.

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