Kylie Jenner Back in a New Car 3 Days After Accident

3 days ago, 18 days after her 16th birthday and 2 weeks after getting her license, Kylie Jenner got into a 3 car collision. She crashed her $125,000 Mercedes SUV into a back of a Toyota causing it to slam into the back of a Subaru SUV.

Kylie got out of the car to apologize and exchange insurance information. The Toyota was crushed in the back and the Subaru had minor damage to the front. By the time police arrived, Kylie was already gone. No charges were filed.

Which brings us to today where Kylie was spotted in her new G63 Mercedes SUV. White this time. Because ain’t no Kardashian going to be driving a damaged car. “Wait,” you ask. “Can’t they just send it in for repairs?” To which I reply. What? F*ck you! Is you crazy?!

In other Kardashian news, 17-year-old Kendall Jenner posted this picture of her in her workout gear to Instagram.

If those workout clothes were any smaller and tighter, Roman Polanski wouldn’t be able to stand up straight for a week.

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