Penelope Cruz’s Directorial Debut Features a Lot of Ass

Penelope Cruz made her directorial debut with this 5-minute short film for Agent Provocateur. The commercial is promoting L’Agent, the lingerie line she designed with her sister Monica Cruz.

In it is your usual Agent Provocateur commercial. Only this time with a lot more ass shots and women dressed in lingerie bending over doggy-style, lining the walls, spread eagle on a floatie and lounging seductively. Some even walk right up to the main guy and spread their legs. It looks like that dude is getting heart palpitations from just being there. Poor guy. Surrounded by all those beautiful women in lingerie. No, wait, f**k you.

Unfortunately for him, a drunk and homeless looking Javier Bardem shows up to ruin everything. Total cockblock, bro.

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10 years ago

What a load of crap. Makes me never want to buy underwear from Agent Provocateuer again, or watch Penelope Cruz in another film. Actually, twas funny to watch the relief on the guy’s face when he fanatsized seeing a half-clothed woman.
What’s wrong with all these women who have bought into a mastubatory macho men’s world?