Pete Doherty Is Doing Great

We haven’t heard a lot from Pete Doherty lately. I suppose everyone got tired reading about how he almost died from taking too much drugs but never did. What a tease. Well, it’s time for an update into the life of Doherty.

He’s doing great as you can tell from these photos of him signing autographs. His bloated face, janky teeth and constant state of perspiration is a sure sign of his new healthy lifestyle.

If I was a chick and I woke up beside that thing in the morning, I’d kill it with fire as I quietly wept.

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10 years ago

The way the media goes after him is kind of gutless, in my opinion. These people should be ashamed of themselves. The man is an addict, he has a disease. It’s not funny, and it’s absolutely not a grab for attention on Doherty’s part. It’s just sad. Sadder still that all the great music gets overshadowed by this bullshit.

10 years ago
Reply to  ci0616

I could not agree more, it is so bloody frustrating. He’s a good person. He is not his addiction.