Police are Looking Into Lisa Robin Kelly’s Death

Lisa Robin Kelly died while in rehab last Thursday. According to the doctor at the rehab, it was from an embolism. Reports are now saying that both the LA County Coroner and LA County Sheriff are looking into her death because everything seems suspicious.

For one, the doctor at the rehab pronounced her dead at 8:07 am Thursday but the Coroner didn’t find out until noon when an official saw the news on TMZ.

Second, the Coroner says there’s no way the doctor at the facility could have diagnosed an embolism as the cause of death without performing an autopsy.

The Coroner has yet to determine the cause of death and the toxicology report isn’t in yet. The Sheriff has since issued a security hold on the case.

Could it be a case of the rehab covering up pumping her too full of detox drugs and eliciting a negative reaction? Sure. Maybe. I don’t know. Who do I look like, Columbo?

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